If you are looking for a quick and painless way to monetize your mobile and/or web business without losing focus on your product, the best way to do it is to use Centili's Payment Page solution.

Using Payment Page, you can:

  • integrate a turn-key mobile payments solution for all your services, regardless of whether they are Web or Mobile type of service,

  • use Payment Page’s cutting-edge design, instead of developing your own payment pages,

  • get higher conversion rates, by providing better end-user experience to your customers,

  • maximize your conversion rates with Centili's unique subscription flow

## Flow summary


Example of Payment Page with PIN payment flow

## Integration options

Depending on your needs and services you provide, you will want customers either to make a single (one-time) payment or to subscribe to your service and be billed periodically. In either case, the integration is straightforward and fully simplified.

Both integration cases are done in three easy steps:

  1. [Redirect customer to Payment Page](🔗) This page will help you to easily implement mobile payments by redirecting your customer from your solution to Payment Page.

  2. [Redirect users after the payment transaction](🔗) Once the payment step has been performed, regardless of its outcome, you will have to redirect users appropriately, follow this page and learn how to do it.

  3. [Get the payment result notification](🔗) On this page you will learn how to keep track of the result for each payment transaction.


In order to provide you with completely hassle-free integration of Payment Page solution, Centili is managing which payment flow will be opened as well.

There are few types of payment flows, depending on [the billing technology available](🔗) in the country of your target:

  • [PIN flow](🔗)

  • [Premium SMS flow](🔗)

  • [Handshake flow](🔗)

  • [URL Redirect flow](🔗)