In order to refund user with money deducted from his balance through payment process over Centili platform you must use HTTP POST method on following URL with described parameters in application/json format.

Refund URL:

## POST refund request

## Parameters:

**transactionid**ID of the original transaction which you want to be refunded123456789**mandatory**
**apikey**Unique identifier under Centili system of your serviceasfreeagahagatssayatayta45673jhshshs**mandatory**
**sign**Signature parameter created using issued key for signing request. _NOTE: Please refer to the [signature key generation guide](🔗)._def0a0ba4f188cf174d383dc4d7f7041e358ba92optional

## Possible server responses

Server HTTP responseMeaning
**HTTP 202**User has been successfully refunded.
**HTTP 400 bad request**Invalid request
**HTTP 500**Some unexpected internal server errors occurs.