If end user have hashed msisdn and you would like to convert his real msisdn to hashed value (subscriberID) you can use following request to retrieve correct data.

**URL to which request should be posted:**

## POST subscribe request

## All possible initiation parameters:

ParameterDescriptionExampleRequired as
**msisdn**Customer mobile phone number.4477781234567mandatory

## POST payment response

Once request is received, Centili will synchronously respond with POST response containing appropriate HTTP response and list of parameters and values in JSON format.

## Response parameters:

**status**Indicates status of the current request.Possible values: _ ACCEPTED _ INVALID_REQUEST * INVALID_SERVICE
**errorMessage**Error description in case of failed request.Bad request
**subscriberId**Unique end user identifier on MNO Platform.65FGthgtdr^hstsgdt^hhdtd