If you want to check specific transaction status you can use the following URL to send GET request in order to retrieve transaction status:

### Required parameters:

**transactionId** transactionId is unique parameter under Centili platform related with only one transaction.**Decoded**: /3+enZv5EgW3N4M1j7I874Q== **Encoded**: 3%2BenZv5EgW3N4M1j7I874Q%3D%3D **mandatory**
**apikey**Centili issued service key, unique for every payment service. Consists of alphanumeric characters and counts up to 32 characters.62be1b74d51cb8d5303f1608563c2afd **mandatory**

## Example of correctly configured URL for Transaction Status:

## What happens next?

After transaction status checking is finished response will be returned back in JSON format via HTTP POST request:

Parameters Explanation:

**status** Indicates status of the current requestPossible values: _ ACCEPTED _ SERVER_ERROR
**errorMessage** If the error is present this parameter will have valuePossible values: * Server failed to process request
**transactionId**Unique transaction identifier under Centili platform3+enZv5EgW3N4M1j7I874Q==
**clientId**Pass-through variable. Merchant platform identifieryou7651f3df98d1b1cdd34e1313ca4e3592
**msisdn** User phone numberxxxx51258629
**action** If the error is present this parameter will have valuePossible values: * ERROR
**sessionStatus** Indicates transaction statusPossible values: _ COMPLETED _ FAILED * CANCELED

If you pass incorrect transactionId parameter value you will receive following response:


Transaction status can be checked **within 12 hours** from the moment of its creation. After that, you will be **unable **to perform this action.