MT Posting

MT text should be posted on the URL that we send you in MO Forward request using parameter callback. Currently we support only JSON format, but other formats can be used on your demand.

So, this MT resource in JSON representation looks like this:


"message_text" : "This is some MT message text"

Header Content-type:application/json should be used in request, so that our system can understand your request.

Centili responses

  • Success

    If we were able to handle your request, we will return HTTP status 202 (Accepted).
    In “Location” header, you will get the URL on which you can pool the status of your request with a HTTP GET call, if you want (since MT sending to Operators is an asynchronous operation).

  • Error

    HTTP 400 Bad Request - your request was bad,
    HTTP 406 Not Acceptable - if you posted MT for transaction that is already finished etc,
    HTTP 500 Internal Server Error - if we had some internal problems etc.

Next step...

The final step of a payment transaction is being notified of the outcome - i.e. whether the payment was sucessful or not. Payment result notification provides you with all the relevant data for your further processing.

Please refer to Payment Result Notification guide for complete reference on how to get notifications.