Centili Payment API is a full-scale server-to-server solution, that empowers you with full customization of the mobile payments for your service.

With the Payment API you can:

  • integrate all payment flows available by using only one API
  • enable cross-platform payment system for all your services
  • implement your own white-labeled payment page design and maintain consistent brand appearance on all platforms that you use.

Flow summary

  1. Merchant calls Payment API restful web service and initiates payment
  2. Charge notification is synchronously delivered on merchants’ server notification URI (configured in Partner Panel)
  3. Payment Result notification is delivered


  • Centili exposes Centili API web service (Payment API URI)
  • Merchant must expose Payment Notification web service (notification URI)

Integration steps

  1. Identify user (optional)
    Find out how to identify user when he is using Data connection (3G).

  2. Initiate payment
    Here you will learn how to define a proper POST request necessary to initiate a payment using Centili Payment API.

  3. Regulate further flow
    Follow these instructions how to manage user depending on response you will get from Centili during payment transaction.

  4. Integrate Payment Result Notification
    On this page you will learn how to keep track of the result of each payment transaction.


Subscription services

If you need to integrate Subscription Payment services, please refer to Subscription API guide for more details.

Additional options

You might want to find out whether user utilizes Mobile data (3G) or not, or you might want to perform a transaction refund, etc. Use these links to find out how to integrate them and enrich your user experience: