Unsubscribe API


In order to unsubscribe user from Centili platform you must use HTTP POST method in application/json format, sent to the following URL with parameters described below.

URL to which request should be posted


Example of POST request

URL: https://api.centili.com/api/payment/1_4/unsubscribe
Method: POST
Content type: application/json


Example of response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
    "status": "ACCEPTED",
    "errorMessage": ""

All parameters which You can send in request, or get in response

ParameterRequestResponseExample of param valueInfo
f31a355df6dad07e49ba474db7ff9b07Centili issued service key, unique for every payment service.
Same as "serviceKey" in our other APIs
def0a0ba4f188cf174d383dc4d7f7041e358ba92Signature parameter created using key issued for signing request.

Please refer to the signature key generation guide.
1234567Unique identifier of subscription in Centili system.

If "subscriptionid" is used than "userid" parameter can be skipped.

NOTE: If the value is not set within payment request, this field will contain MSISDN of the particular customer.
Identification of the end user performing payment.
By default it is msisdn of the end-user, but it can contain some other string which is meaningful to out merchants.

If "userid" is used than "subscriptionid" parameter can be skipped.
Bad request
Mandatory parameters missing!

Possible server responses

Server responseMeaningPossible Error messages
HTTP 202 AcceptedUser has been successfully unsubscribed.
HTTP 400 invalid requestUnsubscribe request is invalid or cannot be resolved.-Bad request
-Mandatory parameters missing!
-Signature validation failed!
-Subscription does not exists.
-Action is not supported
HTTP 406 Not AcceptableOpt-out transaction already exists.There is already an outgoing opt-out process for this user.
HTTP 500 Server error.Some unexpected internal server error has occured.Server error.

Example of response for bad request

    "errorMessage":"Subscription does not exists."