Get Balance

Obtain user's current Marketspace Wallet balance.

In order to obtain the user's current Marketspace Wallet balance using Centili Marketspace Wallet API v1, you need to send an HTTP GET request with a user reference and a Marketspace domain.

Before initiating a get balance request you will need to obtain an access token

GET Balance request

URL to which a request should be sent

Host: {domain}:443
Authorization: bearer token

Request parameters

ParameterDescriptionExampleRequired as
domainA Marketspace domain name for which the user balance is being mandatory
referenceIdentifier of the end userd02873b9-4726-4c57-a5fa-1483254bfa7b mandatory

GET Balance response



Obtained user balance for a Marketspace domain and a user reference

Response example


Response parameters

referenceEnd user identifierd02873b9-4726-4c57-a5fa-1483254bfa7b
amountAmount of balance in the wallet15
currencyBalance currencyGP
marketspaceCodeMarketspace identifierSF_DEMO


4xx client error / 5xx server error

400 - Mandatory request parameters not present
401 - Invalid credentials
404 - User not found
500 - Request can not be processed at the current time

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
Content-Type: application/json

    "message": "Authorization failed",
    "code": "AUTH_FAILED"
codeError response codeAUTH_FAILED
messageError response messageAuthorization failed