Payment flows

Get started by understanding the supported payment flows

Understanding and implementing the appropriate payment flow is crucial to provide a seamless and secure payment experience for your users.

At Centili, we offer a variety of payment flows, each tailored to specific user scenarios and requirements. In this section, we will outline the features, implementation steps, and best practices for the following payment flows:

PIN flow

The PIN flow allows users to complete a payment by entering a unique personal identification number (PIN) associated with their account. This flow is particularly useful for users who prefer a quick and straightforward payment process.


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Premium SMS flow

The Premium SMS flow enables users to make payments by sending a text message with a specific keyword or shortcode. This flow is commonly used in mobile payment scenarios and offers simplicity and convenience.


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Handshake flow

The Handshake flow adds an extra layer of security and confirmation to the payment process. It typically involves a two-step process where users first send a keyword to a shortcode to express their intent to make a payment. They then receive an MT message with instructions on the next message to send in order to complete the payment. This flow helps prevent unauthorized transactions and ensures a higher level of user consent.


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URL Redirect flow

The URL Redirect flow involves redirecting users from our platform to an external partner for payment processing. When users initiate a payment, they are redirected to a secure payment page hosted by our trusted partner. This flow provides a seamless and trusted payment experience while leveraging the expertise and infrastructure of our payment partner.


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