Make Purchase Request

To make one time purchase request in your Android app, follow these simple instructions:

  • Import our library into your project

  • Create PurchaseRequest specifying a APIKEY your service ID

  • Additionally you can set reference parameter on PurchaseRequest by calling setReference(String id) method

  • Create PurchaseManager and attach a new instance of PurchaseListener

  • Start payment by calling PurchaseManager.startPurchase(PurchaseRequest pr, Context context) method.


public class LibExample extends Activity {
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    OnClickListener mPurchaseClick = new OnClickListener() {
    public void onClick(View v) {
    PurchaseManager.attachPurchaseListener(new PurchaseListener() {
      public void onPurchaseSuccess(PurchaseResponse paramPurchaseResponse) {
      // handle purchase success
      public void onPurchaseFailed(PurchaseResponse paramPurchaseResponse) {
      // purchase fail
      public void onPurchaseCanceled(PurchaseResponse paramPurchaseResponse) {
      // purchase canceled by user
      public void onPurchaseDialogClosed() {
      // purchase dialog closed


    PurchaseRequest pr = new PurchaseRequest(<API-KEY>);
    pr.setReference(<YOUR-REFERENCE>); // optional
    pr.setPrice(<PRICE>); // optional
    pr.setLanguage(<ISO-639-1 code>); // optional
    pr.setMsisdn(<MSISDN>); // optional
        pr.setOperator(<ISO-639-1 code>); // optional
        pr.setCountry(<ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 code>); // optional
        pr.setUserId(<YOUR-USERID>); // optional
    pr.setSignature(<GENERATED-SIGNATURE>); // optional
    pr.setParam(“mccmnc”,”20102”); // optional

    PurchaseManager.startPurchase(pr, LibExample.this);

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Make Purchase Request

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