Service Parameter Validation

Validate service parameters

In order to service parameters using Centili Storefront Content API v1, you need to send an HTTP POST request with a validator name and parameters.

Before initiating a get services request you will need to obtain an access token

POST Validate Service Parameters request

URL to which a request should be sent{validatorName}?language={language}&storefrontCode={storefrontCode}{validatorName}
Authorization: bearer token

  "{parameterName}": "{parameterValue}",
  //"{parameterName1}": "{paramterValue1}",


Validator name & Service Parameter names

Validator name and service parameter names that need to be sent in the request for validation are obtained when perfroming the get service details request. See Get Service Details validators response parameter.

Request parameters

ParameterDescriptionExampleRequired as
validatorNameValidator name which needs to be usedGaijinCheckProfileQA mandatory
parameterNameName of the parameter that needs to be checkedemail mandatory
parameterValueValue of the parameter that needs to be checked[email protected] mandatory
languageLanguage for message localizationen mandatory
storefrontCodeStorefront identifierSF_DEMOoptional

POST Validate Service Parameters response



Service parameters validated successfully


4xx client error / 5xx server error

400 - Validation failed / Mandatory parameter missing
401 - Invalid credentials
404 - Validator not found
500 - Request can not be processed at the current time

HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Content-Type: application/json

    "message": "Gaijin account validation failed.",
codeError response codeAUTH_FAILED
messageError response messageAuthorization failed