Get Transaction Status

Obtain a transaction status

In order to get a status of a transaction with Centili Payment API, you need to send an HTTP GET request with the appropriate transaction ID.

Before initiating a transaction status request you will need to obtain an access token

URL to which a request should be sent{transactionId}

GET transaction status request{transactionId}/pin HTTP/1.1
Authorization:bearer token

Request parameters

transactionIdUnique identifier of transaction in Centili system.17000002453

GET transaction status response

Once a request is received, Centili will synchronously respond with an appropriate HTTP response containing a list of parameters and values in JSON format:



Get transaction status successfull

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

  "transactionType": "CHARGE",
  "country": "rs",
  "item": {
    "amount": null,
    "price": null,
    "name": null,
    "currency": null
  "notificationStatus": "DELIVERED",
  "subscriber": "381644150105",
  "timeCharged": null,
  "transactionStatus": "COMPLETED",
  "clientData": {
    "clientUserId": null,
    "clientReference": null
  "serviceKey": "2ea0e6c989b433d6c591633f91c67e07",
  "error": null,
  "transactionId": "17000002453",
  "operator": "RS_MTS

Response parameters

transactionTypeAction that is performed by this transaction.RENEW, CHARGE, OPT_IN, OPT_OUT, REFUND
countryCountry of end-user, two-letter country code, ISO 3166-1 alpha-2rs
itemInformation about the item being sold. See ({
"amount": "1",
"price": "10",
"name": "item",
"currency": "RSD"
notificationStatusMerchant notification request status.DELIVERED, FAILED, EXCLUDED, PENDING, REJECTED
subscriberCustomer mobile phone number.
NOTE: The number must be in E.164 format, excluding the plus ("+") character.
timeChargedTime the transaction was charged UTC
transactionStatusCurrent status of the transactionCOMPLETED, FAILED, CANCELED, PENDING
clientDataClient related parameters. See ({
"clientUserId": "usrId1983",
"clientReference": "appID1"
serviceKeyCentili issued service key, unique for every payment service. Consists of alphanumeric characters and counts up to 32 characters.2ea0e6c989b433d6c591633f91c67e07
transactionIdUnique identifier of transaction in Centili system.17000002453
operatorCode of Mobile Network Operator in Centili’s system which end user belongs to.RS_MTS
(for Telekom Serbia)


amountItem quantity1
priceItem price10
nameItem nameitem
currencyItem price currencyRSD

Client Data

clientUserIdIdentification of the customer.usrId1983
clientReferenceUnique identification parameter under your system (pass-through variable).appID1


4xx client error / 5xx server error

400 - Bad request parameters - check message for details
401 - Invalid credentials
404 - Transaction not found
500 - Request can not be processed at the current time

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
Content-Type: application/json

  "code": "NOT_FOUND",
  "message": "Transaction not found"
codeError response codeTRANSACTION_NOT_FOUND
messageError response messageTransaction not found