Obtain an access token - OAuth2

Obtain an OAuth2 access token in order to start using the Centili APIs

To secure our API we use OAuth2 with password flow for all endpoints. Authorization header must always contain a Bearer token obtained using tokenURL. The request obtain the Bearer token needs to be in x-www-form-urlencoded format.

Obtaining token URL for authorization





client_idName of the clientstring
grant_typeName of the flow: 'password' when obtaining a token using username and password, 'refresh_token' when refreshing an existing tokenstring
usernameYour username, required when obtaining tokens via password flow.string
passwordYour password, required when obtaining tokens via password flow.string
refresh_tokenYour refresh token, required when obtaining tokens via refresh token flow.string
client_secretAdditional security parameter, provided to you by Centili team.string