Transaction Refund

In order to refund user with money deducted from his balance through payment process over Centili platform you must use HTTP POST method on following URL with described parameters in application/json format.

Refund URL:

POST refund request

Method: POST
Content type: application/json

“sign”:” 5d5ecc6c8d6042c2a8bf6t3g2a1d3b7m2v5xxxxx”


transactionidID of the original transaction which you want to be refunded123456789
signSignature parameter created using issued key for signing request.

NOTE: Please refer to the signature key generation guide.
apikeyCentili issued service key, unique for every payment service. Consists of alphanumeric characters and counts up to 32 characters.f31a355df6dad07e49ba474db7ff9b07

Possible server responses

{ “status”: “”, “errorMessage” : “ACCEPTED”}

where error mesage can be : ACCEPTED, INVALID_REQUEST, SERVER_ERROR

Server responseMeaning
HTTP 202 unsubscribe successfulUser has been successfully refunded.
HTTP 400 invalid requestUnsubscribe request is bad.
HTTP 406 not acceptedSubscription has expired.
HTTP 500 server errorSome unexpected internal server errors occurs.