Initiate Broadcast Renewal

In some cases, operators support option for renewals to be initiated with broadcast request. This option allows a subscription renewal for all active subscribers to be initiated with a single request to Centili platform.

In order to initiate broadcast request, it is expected from our client (Merchant) to make a HTTP Get request to:

with following query parameters attached:

serviceKeyCentili issued service key, unique for every payment service. Consists of alphanumeric characters and counts up to 32 characters.f31a355df6dad07e49ba474db7ff9b07
operatorCode of Mobile Network Operator in Centili’s system which end user belongs to.ES_VODAFONE
(for Vodafone Spain)
messageBroadcast MT message text.
pricePrice in local currency.1.45

Example request

Possible server responses

Server responseMeaning
HTTP 202 request acceptedBroadcast request accepted
HTTP 400 bad requestBad broadcast request.
HTTP 406 not acceptedNot accepted.
HTTP 500 server errorSome unexpected internal server errors occurs.

Once renewal process is completed on Centili side, we will send separate Payment Result Notification for each successfully charged user under service/operator in question.

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Initiate Broadcast Renewal

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