Subscriptions API

Obtain the overview of the subscriptions


In order to use this API, You will need to send Authentiaction Header !

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This API will give You the overview of all subscriptions


Request must be sent as HTTP POST with Content-Type: application/json.

URL to which request should be posted

Example of POST request

Content-Type: application/json

    "serviceKey": "2ea0e6c989b433d6c591633f91c67e07",
    "optInTrid": "4970484531",
    "msisdn": "66876696573"

Example of a response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

        "active": true,
        "country": "pt",
        "currency": "EUR",
        "lastCharge": "2017-09-07 15:17:12",
        "merchant": "Go4Mobile",
        "msisdn": "35176696573",
        "operator": "PT_NOS",
        "optInTrid": 4970484531,
        "period": "DAY",
        "periodAmount": 1,
        "price": 6.05,
        "provider": "PT_NOS",
        "providerReference": null,
        "service": "Games Unlimited",
        "serviceKey": "0fc073fbcba49xzc9155dd57a08454b2",
        "subscriptionControl": "SYSTEM",
        "subscriptionId": 4304126630,
        "timeSubscribed": "2017-08-07 15:17:12",
        "timeSubscribedLocal": "2017-08-07 16:17:12",
        "timeToExpire": null,
        "timeUnsubscribed": null,
        "timeUnsubscribedLocal": null,
        "userId": "35176696573"

Request / Response parameters

ParameterRequestResponseExample of param valueInfo
"active"true - user is subscribed
false - user is not subscribed
Shows if subscription is active or not.
"country"“pt”2 letters country parameter. We are using "ISO 3166-1 alpha-2" standard. Here is full list of 2 letter country codes.
"currency"“EUR”Currency in which price is presented.
"lastCharge"null - if there was none
yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
Date of the last successful renewal.
"merchant""Go4Mobility"Name of the merchant in Centili’s system.
"msisdn"“66876696573”Mobile (phone) number of customer.
It is in E.164 format excluding plus ("+") character.
"operator"“PT_NOS”Mobile Network Operator code in Centili’s system.
"optInTrid"4970484531"transactionId" of the opt-in transaction.
Subscription interval unit.
Amount of subscription interval units.

1 - DAY -> once per day
3 - DAY -> every 3 days
2 - WEEK -> every 2 weeks
Price which end-user will pay when successfully charged (successful renewal) in local currency with VAT included.
Price for every service is set up on Centili platform.

* When using price in request, it should be sent in the format:
"price" : {"gt":"5.00" , "lt":"5.00"}
where "gt" means greater then, and "lt" means less then.
Provider code in Centili’s system.
"providerReference"null"subscriptionId" in Operator's system (if Operator has subscription management on their side)
"service"“Games Unlimited”Name of the service in Centili’s system.
"serviceKey"“0fc073fbcba4916c9155dd57a08454b2”Unique identifier of each service registered inside Centili Payment Platform (API key).
Consists of alphanumeric characters and counts up to 32 characters.
"subscriptionControl"“SYSTEM" - Centili
"PROVIDER" - Provider or Operator
Indicates who is controlling renewals.
“SYSTEM" - Centili
"PROVIDER" - Provider or Operator
"subscriptionId"4304326630Unique subscription identifier in Centili Payment Platform. Used to identify any particular subscription within Centili system.
"timeSubscribed"yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ssUTC-0 time when subscription (opt-in) happened.

* When using dates in requests, they should be sent in the format:
"timeSubscribed" : {"gt":"2017-08-07 12:44:19" , "lt":"2017-08-07 13:44:19"}
where "gt" means greater then, and "lt" means less then.
"timeSubscribedLocal"yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ssTime when subscription (opt-in) happened in local time zone.

* request: "timeSubscribedLocal" : {"gt":"2017-08-07 12:44:19" , "lt":"2017-08-07 13:44:19"}
"timeToExpire"null - not valid subscription
2017-09-13 11:39:25
Time when subscription will stop being valid.

* request: "timeToExpire" : {"gt":"2017-08-07 12:44:19" , "lt":"2017-08-07 13:44:19"}
yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
UTC-0 time when subscription ended (when opt-out happened).

* request: "timeUnsubscribed" : {"gt":"2017-08-07 12:44:19" , "lt":"2017-08-07 13:44:19"}
yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
Time when subscription ended (when opt-out happened) in local time zone.

* request: "timeUnsubscribedLocal" : {"gt":"2017-08-07 12:44:19" , "lt":"2017-08-07 13:44:19"}
"userId"“66876696573”Identification of the end user performing payment.
By default it is msisdn of the end-user, but it can contain some other string which is meaningful to out merchants.